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Bird Guides

Glenn Holmes.......

Phone & Fax: (07) 4091 4364 International 61 7 4091 4364. 
Glenn works as a consulting ecologist with the 
Dept of Environment and Heritage, the C.S.I.R.O, various other government bodies and private corporations. Glenn has lead many successful Australian and International birding tours and is highly qualified for locating the harder to find bird species in North Qld.
Glenn  is an excellent bird guide with an exceptional knowledge of bird sites on the Atherton Tableland. 

A very full days birding with Glenn for 1 or 2 persons costs including GST: AUD$198 

A half days birding with Glenn for 1 or 2 persons costs including GST: AUD$110 

Jonathan Munro......Email:
Phone & Fax (07) 4032-2237 International 61 7 4032 2237. 
Postal Address: Wild Watch PO Box 298H, Edgehill, Cairns,
Specialising in group and individual Birdwatching & Wildlife Tours of
Tropical North Queensland's Wet Tropics  World Heritage Rainforests. 
Jonathan is an accredited naturalist guide and has worked for the past 14 years with both wildlife tour operators and his own groups.
He has worked extensively with specialist birdwatching and mammal ( nocturnal wildlife) groups, 
with various research and university groups, international film crews and student groups.  

Jonathan also owns a private highland rainforest preserve on the Evelyn Tablelands where over 200 bird species have been observed, including Victoria's Riflebird, Golden and Tooth-billed Bowerbirds, Chowchilla, Fernwren, Cassowary and Lesser Sooty Owl.

Born in England he arrived in Australia in 1982 where he worked for the Parks & Conservation Service before moving to Tropical North Queensland.
In addition, he has worked for a number environmental organizations whose activities include wildfowl and wetlands conservations, captive breeding for rare and endangered species and tropical rainforest rehabilitation.

Andrew Anderson's Birding Service...... 
Phone:( 07) 4031 8803  International 61 7 4031 8803 
"Showing The Birds Of Australasia To The People Of The World". Andrew is an experienced birding guide, we highly recommend, who operates in Cairns area, The Atherton Tableland and elsewhere in Australasia. He specialises in Far North Queensland, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Andrew is good with small personalised groups and film crews as well as with large international tour groups.

John Crowhurst
Phone: (07) 4051 4194 International 61 7 4051 4194
John has an extensive knowledge of the best Tropical North Queensland birding spots. He is world renowned for his association with birdwatching on the Cairns Esplanade.
If he is available, John is a great asset to the success of any birding experience you have in the Cairns area or elsewhere in Tropical North Queensland


Chris Dahlberg's Birdwatching River Tours.
Phone/Fax: (07) 4098 7997    Intl: 61 7 4098 7997    
Chris Dahlberg is a local birdwatching enthusiast who has been conducting daily dawn river Birdwatching Cruises on the Daintree River since 1992. Chris averages 50 bird specie sightings in winter, and 40 in summer, with regular reptile and nocturnal mammal sightings as an added bonus.


Fine Feather Tours-Del & Pat Richards.
Phone/Fax: (07) 4094 1199  International: 61 7 4094 1199
Del has accumulated over forty years experience birding in all Australian states, and is able to locate the vast majority of the local species. Del and Pat are based in Mossman North Queensland, between Port Douglas and the Daintree River. Their tours, which operate daily, visit up to eight different habitats including lowland rainforest, river mouth, mangroves, salt marsh, upland rainforest, wetland, grassland and savannah woodland.

Nocturnal Animal Viewing Guides 

Waita1.jpg (4645 bytes)Waita.jpg (6076 bytes)

Wait-A-While Environmental Tours. Specialise in afternoon-evening tours that combine rainforest interpretive walks with birdwatching and wildlife viewing in the Wet Tropics World Heritage area of The Waterfalls & Crater lakes District of The Atherton Tableland. These relaxed, low impact tours allow small groups of visitors to visit upland rainforest destinations of high conservation value, with an emphasis on observing and photographing rare local endemic birds and mammals in their natural habitat.

Wait-a-While Environmental Tours offer guests staying at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge a wonderful mountain wildlife experience tour which departs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This tour offers a great chance to see many different animal species with a particular focus on the animals found only in the mountainous rainforests of the Wet Tropics. These include the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo and Lemuroid, Green and Herbert River Ringtail Possums as well as many others.

You will be picked up from Chambers at 5:30pm and taken to look for animals such as the Musky Rat-Kangaroo (the smallest and most primitive kangaroo) and the platypus (an egg-laying mammal found only in Australia).

Dinner is at a nice country restaurant.

You will then be taken through both wet and dry sclerophyll forest to rainforest at a higher altitude, and here, your spotlighting adventure will begin.

You will later have an opportunity to discuss what you have seen and heard, and even find out more information about these fascinating creatures.

You will return to the Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge a little after 11:00pm with a greater appreciation of the rainforest, the life within it and the importance in assisting with its preservation.

For guests staying at The Chambers, the price is only $89.00 per person

Wildscapes Safaris Specialise in Wildlife Tours between Cairns and The Waterfalls & Crater lakes District of The Atherton Tablelands. They provide a safe and comfortable experience that features Platypus and Nocturnal Wildlife sightings. Their tours inform and educate as well as entertain. Their guides are always environmentally conscientious and are experienced in the techniques to allow guests the opportunity to see, close up, wildlife in their natural habitat.

Jonathan Munro......Email:
Phone & Fax 07 4032-2237 International 61 7 4032 2237. 
Specialised nocturnal animal tours for groups by prearrangement. Jonathan owns a highland tropical rainforest preserve on the Evelyn Tablelands, south west of Cairns. The preserve and surrounding World Heritage area are home to rare, unique and primitive plants and animals such as 12 species of possums, Lumholtz's tree kangaroos, and pademelons. John provides an excellent
nocturnal animal experience. Some of his sighting successes are astounding.

Clifford and Dawn Frith Wildlife Photography

Phone: 07 4096 8105   International: 61 7 4096 8105
Fax: 07 4096 8316 International: 61 7 4096 8316

The majority of  the photographs you have seen on our  
Rainforest Australia, Wildlife Australia 
& Birdwatching Australia Websites have been scanned 
from well known nature books written by 
Clifford and Dawn Frith.
The quality of our scanned photos does not do justice to the amazing photography found in the Frith’s books

Clifford Frith’s career began as a post-graduate student at Monash University in Victoria, before he became a freelance Zoologist, artist and photographer. 
Dawn graduated from London University with an honours degree in Zoology, followed by a Ph.D. in Marine Science.

Their joint researches have included work on crustaceans, insects, plants, amphibians, reptiles and birds.
Clifford and Dawn published their first book, "Australian Tropical Rainforest Life" in 1983, and have been producing amazing and informative books ever since.

Books in their series include:
Australian Tropical Reptiles and Frogs
Australian Tropical Reef Life
Australian Tropical Birds
Australian Tropical Rainforest Life
Australian Tropical Butterflies
Australia’s Cape York Peninsula
Australia’s Wet Tropics Rainforest Life

Their books are reasonably priced and may be purchased during your stay 
at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge, from most quality bookshops 
or  directly from  Frith & Frith Books P.O. Box 581 Malanda.

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