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The Curtain Fig Tree

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The Curtain Fig Tree:

  • This world famous fig tree is of the species Ficus virens, it is a strangler fig tree.
  • Located about 1 kilometre out of Yungaburra, this ancient tree is awesome in it’s size and granduer.
  • Directions to this fantastic tree are well sign-posted and the short drive well worth it.
  • Plenty of car parking available. It is a 50 metre walk to view the tree.
  • There are interpretative signs which describe how the Curtain Fig Tree grew and some additional interesting information.
  • There is a continous board walk around the tree and a section which creates good perspective for photo opportunities.
  • Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos & Green Possums can sometimes be seen asleep in this area during daylight.
  • After dark you can spotlight for Tree Kangaroos, Green Possums, Herbert River Possums and Coppery Brushtail Possums.
  • To count the tangled roots of the Curtain Fig would take a week.
  •  It is one of the largest trees in north Queensland, and one of the best known attractions on the Tablelands. 
  • Its curtain of aerial roots drop 15 metres (49 feet) to the ground. 
  • Large basalt boulders cover the forest floor, which is probably why the forest here wasn't cleared for farming - and why the curtain fig tree remains standing.
    Wet Tropics Management Authority.

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