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  • Location: Five kilometres out of Atherton. On the old track from Pt. Douglas to Herberton.
  • Population: 821.
  • Elevation: 760M.


  • Tolga was originally called Martintown, but was changed to 'Tolga' ('Red Mud' in Aboriginal Language), when the railway from Mareeba reached the town.
  • It became the main base for Chinese market gardeners.
  • It was also centre of the peanut industry.

Tolga Attractions:

  • The Tolga scrub is a residual of the Tolga area prior to farming. It's lush rainforest is home to may species of birds and wildlife as well as home to the flying foxes.
  • The Humpy has gained a wide reputation with tourists for its exotic fruits. This little fruit and vegetable store situated on the Kennedy Highway just North of the Tolga scrub.
  • The Tolga Peanut factory is worth a visit by those that can't get enough of their Peanuts. The main office sells Peanuts over the counter.
  • Tolga is the home of the well known Tolga Woodworks, a centre with a reputation for high quality workmanship in timbers salvaged from cyclones, bushfire and old age.
  • The Tolga Markets are held on the first Sunday morning of every month at Marrow Park, behind the Peanut Processing Plant.

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