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Photo: Jeremy Lee  Singapore Airlines

  Spotlighting is night activity which involves using 
a thirty watt spotlight to find the night animals in the rainforest.

General Advice:

  •  Be prepared with your equipment, but rather than shining the spotlight in all directions which tends to frighten the animals, it is best to stand still in the dark for at least ten minutes, simply listening to the sounds of the rainforest.

  • When you hear a sound, such as consecutive falling leaves, it is often an indicator of an animal moving through its habitat.

  • Spotlight the general area from which the noise came.

  • Hold the spotlight by your eyes, as the eye shine of the animals reflects back to the spotlight. Thus, if the light is coming from your eye level, the reflection will be returned to your eye level, making the animals easier to see.

  • When you are looking up into the tall trees, you will get a greater angle by slightly bending your knees.

  • When looking through binoculars, make sure you keep your eye on the animal, and simply raise the binoculars up to your eyes, this will make it easier to keep your focus on the animal.

  • When spotlighting, it is a great opportunity to find luminous fungi.

General Knowledge:

  • The Lemuroid Possum has a yellow eye shine and makes a fairly loud crashing sound when it moves from tree to tree.

  • The Coppery Brushtail Possum has a red eye shine.

  • Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges has all the necessary spotlighting equipment for you to do an interesting unguided night walk.


Nocturnal Animal Guides

Jonathan Munro… Wild Watch  AUSTRALIA
Phone & Fax (07) 4097 7408  International   +61 7 4097 7408
Jonathan is an experienced naturalist guide specializing  in personalised nocturnal ‘spotlighting’ tours and daytime Platypus and other wildlife viewing in various habitats around the Atherton and Evelyn Tablelands.  Tours are tailored to the specific requirements of individuals and groups.  Since 1997 Jonathan has conducted over 3000 forays into the highland rainforests to observe wildlife. He owns a highland tropical rainforest preserve recognized as having one of the largest concentrations of rare possums.  In addition to the12 species of possums, as well as rare white ringtail lemuroid possum, that occur in the area many other species are often encountered including  Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroos, wallabies, bettongs, bandicoots, quolls, leaf-tailed geckos and nocturnal birds. Jonathan has Guide Accreditation, Operator Accreditation Certificate, Qld. Transport Driver Authorization and QT Approved Vehicle, full Insurance and Permits for restricted areas. Independent email references available.  

Alan Gillanders.... Alan's Wildlife Tours
Phone & Fax: (07) 4095 3784 International +61 7 4095 3784
Alan conducts a
1 1/2 hour nocturnal animal walking tour on private land in the Waterfalls and Crater Lakes District of The Atherton Tablelands to view Tree Kangaroos, Coppery Brushtail Possums, Green Ringtail Possums and other natives.


Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
P.O. Box 115, Yungaburra, Tropical North Queensland, Australia 4884
PH & Fax: 07 4095 3754 International: 61 7 4095 3754

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